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A fix for the Bluetooth issues of M1-powered Macs is reportedly on the way

Apple’s M1-powered Macs show impressive speed and enviable power efficiency, but they are not without teething issues – users started reporting that Bluetooth connections were dropping out intermittently or disconnecting altogether soon after launch. This affected Apple products like AirPods and Magic Mice as well as third-party gadgets.

The Atlantic writer Ian Bogost tweeted earlier today that Apple has started working on a fix. It’s not clear when said fix will arrive, however. macOS 11.2 is currently out as a Public Beta, and no one has reported that it has resolved the connectivity problem.

It seems that the Mac mini is affected the most, but the M1-based MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are not spared either. For now, you can try using an external dongle to get around the problem (though some dongles don’t work).

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