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Analysts: first month Galaxy S21 sales in the US triple that of the S20 last year

According to data by Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is a major hit in the US – the S21 models have sold three times as many units as last year’s S20 series during the first month of availability.

The S21 trio was off to a good start by all indications. It posted record-setting pre-orders in the UK, early sales in South Korea beat the S20 sales by 30% and now there is good news from another key market for Samsung.

Samsung US is really pushing trade-in deals

Samsung US is really pushing trade-in deals

In the US, it’s the Galaxy S21 Ultra that is the most popular option, accounting for over 40% of S21 units sold. It is the most expensive of the three (and also the most capable), but it helped that Samsung started with the discounts earlier than usual. SA doesn’t break down the Galaxy S21 and S21+ sales, though they must be doing quite well too.

Looking back to South Korea for a moment, there the first month sales of the Galaxy S21 models were triple the S20 sales from last year.

Anyway, sales will naturally start to taper off in the next few months, so Samsung already has a follow-up planned – according to a leaked timeline, the Galaxy S21 FE will be announced in mid-August. It will be a major launch, especially since we may not see a new Note this year. New foldable flagships should arrive in Q3.

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