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Apple settles an antitrust case with South Korea for more than $89 million

Back in 2016, Apple was accused of abusing its dominant market position in South Korea. Now, almost five years later, Apple Korea and the South Korean government have reached a settlement in which Apple has to spend KRW 100 billion ($89.6 million) in the country to help small businesses, education and consumers.

In the antitrust case, Apple was found guilty of forcing carriers to buy a minimum amount of devices, share the cost of repairs with Apple and even pay for iPhones’ TV ads.

Now, the company will invest KRW 40 billion into building research and development centers for small local businesses, KRW 25 billion for 10% discount on iPhone repairs, KRW 25 billion in education center for ICT developers and KRW 10 billion in the education system.


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