Landscape shooters have a unique set of needs and requirements for their gear. On the image quality side of things, a good landscape camera should offer plenty of resolution and lots of dynamic range; from a physical standpoint, it should be weather-sealed and well constructed. Features like in-body stabilization, touch-sensitivity, a tilting LCD and good battery life are also a plus.

We’ve rounded up the cameras we think are good options for landscape photography and have chosen the best.

To keep things somewhat competitive, the price cutoff in this guide is around $6000.

Our pick: Sony a7R IV

Sony’s a7R IV is an excellent landscape camera based on its resolution and dynamic range – and its reliable autofocus and revamped controls make it an even more tempting option for those that spend their photographic time outdoors.

Weather-sealing has been updated, and it is also purported to be better-sealed against the elements than its predecessor. A high-resolution mode can produce 240MP files using Sony’s proprietary software, though any movement in the scene – caused by wind, for example – will be problematic. But the in-body image stabilization system that enables this feature is incredibly useful and means you don’t necessarily need a tripod to extract the maximum potential from this camera.

We considered the cameras below when picking our winner, and even though we think the Sony a7R IV is the best choice, the other cameras on our shortlist are also worthy contenders.

Also consider:

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