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Black Shark phone with FullHD+ screen and 12GB RAM appears on Google Play Console

A Black Shark smartphone codenamed “kaiser” and bearing model code KSR-A0 was spotted on Google Play Console last week with a FullHD+ screen and 8GB RAM. It is likely the Black Shark 4, and while we wait for its official launch date, a new Black Shark phone has appeared on the Google Play Console with model designation PRS-A0 and codename “penrose”.

The PRS-A0, said to be the Black Shark 4 Pro, is listed on Google Play Console with Android 11, 12GB RAM, and a FullHD+ screen. The SoC is SM8250, which is the Snapdragon 865. But this could be a mistake since the Black Shark 4, which will likely have a Snapdragon 888 at the helm, was listed with the Snapdragon 835 on Google Play Console.

Black Shark PRS-A0 is said to be the Black Shark 4 Pro

The Google Play Console listing also includes an image of PRS-A0, which reveals the smartphone has a center-aligned selfie camera. You can also see the phone has buttons on its left and right side frames. The one on the left could be the volume rocker, and the ones on the right could be the trigger buttons for gaming.

Black Shark phone with FullHD+ screen and 12GB RAM appears on Google Play Console

It’s unclear if PRS-A0 is indeed the Black Shark 4 Pro since it packs a FullHD+ display as opposed to the Black Shark 3 Pro that came with a QHD+ panel.

Details are scarce about the PRS-A0, but we know that KSR-A0, which is the Black Shark 4, will come with a 6.67″ screen, 4,500 mAh battery, and 120W charging.

We’ll hopefully have more information about both models in the coming days.


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