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Console Version

The console version of Elden Ring is coming soon.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Focus on DLCs

In order to ensure smooth and stable development, while also focusing on the much-appreciated DLCs of the PC version, the console version will remain relatively short at first. However, the game is being developed in a way that will allow PC version users to receive updates faster than console users.

Controller Update

We will make a controller update for the console version to make changes to the controller buttons in line with the PC version. We will also be adding support for the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X.


We would like to update the console version by implementing the following features:

• GUI Adjustments: We are adjusting the look and feel of the main menu.

• HUD Adjustments: We would like to add an option to display the character stats over the main menu.

• Item Adjustments: We are adjusting all items for the sake of balance, and are looking into changing the majority of the items.

• Additional NPC and Enemy Dialog Support: We are adding support for additional dialogue to be added to NPC and enemies.

• Missions Rework: We are looking into reworking the missions. This includes an increased number of dungeons, new dungeons, new enemy forces, and more.

Depending on the results of the above mentioned, we may also consider implementing the following:

• Customization: We are looking into adding a custom appearance mode to add extra color and life to your character. We would like to use the development resources to enable players to customize their own custom appearance to their liking.

We will not be releasing an updated console version at this time. We would like to reevaluate the feasibility of creating a console version once we have sufficient feedback on the features we are looking into.

We thank you for your interest in our game.

For more detailed information about Elden Ring, please refer to the Elden Ring Website.


About Tamsoft Corp.

Tamsoft has been providing interactive entertainment services in the field of games and simulations to users in Korea and around the world for over 15 years. Our company has grown to become one of the largest interactive entertainment companies in Korea based on the concepts of “beauty, truth and fun” in the country, and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Setting:
    • A vast world.
      A lush and beautiful world in which extensive scenes of narrative confrontation and strategic action become possible. A place where the memories of the characters who enter are engraved in the hearts of the players who follow.
    • Characters:
      • A wide range of characters that include melee fighters, magicians, and priests.
        From sexy succubuses, who promise to grant your desires, to crafty tricksters, who will gladly betray you, a character that suits you will be waiting in each town.
      • Various NPC Servants from the powerful Magi to the obstinate working girls, from the skillful blacksmith to the ferocious roguish bard.
        There is not only the feeling of seeing a character you know but of getting to know someone new in a fun and endearing way.
      • Monsters:
        • A wide range of characters, be they blazing dragons and fierce tigers, or the cruel eyeless red worms, or even the graceful redbirds. These are mysteries steeped in ancient secrets.
          All have unique powers and can be strong allies or cunning opponents.
        • You can also recruit monsters such as the redworms in order to strengthen the bond between you and those you care about.
        • Consistent Excitement:
          Each town and dungeon has different monsters. The dungeons, and the areas where you clear dungeons, always have a different feel than those towns.
          It is always up to you to decide to go or not, and the excitement never becomes dull.
      • Setting:
        • Deep dungeons with a variety of traps in three-dimensional space.
          A familiar setting that will draw you in, for even if you’ve seen many commercial RPGs, you’re sure to have never seen a game with dungeons like this.
        • Characters:
          • Deep puzzles allowing you to immerse yourself in a story full of twists and surprises.
            The character development system is designed so that you can fully experience the emotion of recognizing people you know in a fun and exciting new way.
          • Characters have a variety


            Elden Ring [Latest]

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            Official website:

            Credit to the creator’s youtube channel for sending the review code and updates.
            Link to review:
            ModDB for the game


            Screenshot of the game on the Story Mode screen:

            Link to the game:
            My name is Nikit and I am currently a college student in New England. I like to


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            1. Combat
            The game is set in a fantasy world in which you get in a fight with monsters or NPC’s of the game. You go for attack and combat by using the weapon in your hands.
            **There is a special combat system called “Command Style”. You can equip Command Style at the place of the current weapon. Command Style effects the character attack by modifying the effective range of your weapon, the area of effect of attack and defense, and the critical hit rate of your attack. You can also equip skills called “Command Skills” which increase the critical hit rate of your attack.
            2. Single Player Campaign
            The story of the game is divided in chapters. Each chapter is made of 2–5 missions. The missions are carried out in the order of the order you go through them.
            3. Multiplayer
            Player versus Player battle (PvP) and with NPC.
            4. Crafting
            The items produced through your crafting action become useful items for you. You can equip items which you gather through hunting, gathering, and the NPC’s.
            5. Setting Exploration
            Players can go out through the world through the map and discover the story of the world in the game.
            6. Local Multiplayer
            The players can establish a Free Roaming Party which can be used for synchronous or asynchronical play, and with up to four players.
            CRAFTING Each craft includes the materials, but the materials will differ depending on the tier of the craft. Each craft has a certain craft element. The newly created element will be added to your abilities.
            PROCESSING You can also combine elements to process them into a new element which has a higher tier. The processing is done using the elemental materials.
            PROCESSING The process cost is determined by your crafting level.
            SUMMON An action is done by combining three elements. The summon determines the summon type.
            ROGUE PROCESSING Each element has a different Dmg Crit Chance. ROGUE PROCESSING Your Critical Hit Dmg Chance can be modified by using the elements to make the Critical Hit Chance increased as the same level as the crafted element.

            Like this:

            TEAM GAMING GAME
            Game supported “SCREEN SHARING” the player are team from the same net-facility and on local with player select a desired account to play.
            Supports Auto Save Feature
            Game available in English, Korean, and Japanese.


            What’s new in Elden Ring:



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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows Vista (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended) or higher
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 5800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 3200
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available hard disk space
    Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
    Additional Notes:
    Cannot be played on 64-bit systems.


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