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Fitbit Charge 4 update shows SpO2 data on the band itself, tracks skin temperature

The Fitbit Charge 4 is receiving its second major update. While the previous one was focused on positioning, this one (first spotted by Wareable) is all about health data as several Fitbit Sense features have been ported over.

First off, the Charge 4 now shows proper readings from its SpO2 sensor on the smart band itself. You can use the new blood-oxygen watch face to keep an eye on that. Also, the band will now track your skin temperature (something only the premium Sense watch could do).

Even better, Fitbit is making the Health Metrics dashboard free for Charge 4, Versa 2 and Inspire 2 users. Previously, you needed a Fitbit Premium subscription to view the detailed biometric data (now including breathing rate and heart rate variability).

There’s a catch, though, free users only get to see the data for the last week. If you pay for Premium – that would be $10 a month or $80 a year – you get to see data for the last month.

The Fitbit app can now also track your glucose level. You need to input that manually into the app as Fitbit doesn’t (yet) have a device to track glucose levels automatically. Still, this creates a useful log, which help users identify patterns over time.

Meanwhile, Fitbit is expanding the availability of the ECG feature for Sense owners. It can now be used in Canada, New Zealand and US territories. This was already available to users in the US mainland and select regions in Europe and Asia (it’s a matter of regulatory approval).


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