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Google Pixel 5 teardown reveals easy display replacement

This week, Zach of JerryRigEverything put the Google Pixel 5 through his durability test, which revealed that the Google Pixel 5 didn’t put as much metal in the phone as it said it did. Regardless of it’s plastic exterior, it was indeed one tough cookie.

Even after inadvertently piercing the back of the Pixel 5’s battery (which caused a few sparks to fly) and after an hour batch in acetone, the Pixel 5 still powered back on. Zach continues with a teardown of the Pixel 5,which revealed a couple of interesting design choices and the easy screen replacement.

To start, there are no screws holding the Pixel 5 together. Since the phone’s body is made of this “bio-resin” shell, it’s held to the screen with nothing but good-ol’ adhesive. Heating this adhesive and carefully prying around it revealed that the Google Pixel 5’s display is held into the board by a single connector, which is held in by a latch bracket. This means that repair technicians wouldn’t even need a screwdriver to perform this replacement, but it does require a heat gun and suction=cup screen separator.

We got a good look at the in-call speaker that was behind the display – the Pixel 5 doesn’t use a traditional ear-piece on the phone, and instead mounted it right behind the OLED screen. An interesting tidbit about the Pixel 5’s internals is the decisions to let the battery slightly overlap the motherboard, which required the battery to be removed before the main board.

Finally, there was the metal plating inside the phone, which is here, but it does not cover as much of the phone as an image made it look. Google explained that the inside of the phone looked more like this (see image above), but as we see in this teardown, there’s not as much metal here. Regardless, the phone remains solid and durable.

Check out the video above to see the phone’s innards.


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