Ilford has announced the Sprite 35-II, a cheap and reusable 35mm film camera that is a revival of the original Sprite 35 released in the 1960s.

Like its 60 year old predecessor, the Sprite 35-II is a very basic point-and-shoot camera. Simply toss in your film of choice, advanced the film to the first shot and start shooting. The camera features a fixed shutter speed of 1/120s and uses a single-element 31mm F9 fixed-focus lens. There’s also a built-in flash with a 15 second recycle time.

‘Back in the 1960s, few cameras were easier to use and more affordable than the Sprite 35,’ says Ilford in its press release announcing the Sprite 35-II. ‘Forget shutter speeds, aperture, or light meters – just load a roll of film, hit the shutter button, and press the film lever.’

The Ilford Sprite 35-II weighs just 122g (4.3oz) and measures in 12cm (4.7”) wide, 6.7cm (2.6”) tall and 4.4cm (1.7”) deep.

The Sprite 35-II will come in black and silver finishes and is set to start shipping in January 2021 for $34.95.