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Motorola Moto E6i, Moto E7i Power and Lenovo K13 get Bluetooth certified

Motorola is expected to announce a bunch of new smartphones soon, two of which are the Moto E6i and Moto E7i Power that have been Bluetooth SIG certified.

The listing on Bluetooth SIG’s website reveals the Moto E6i has model designations XT2053-5 and XT2053-6, while the E7i Power has three model numbers – XT2097-12, XT2097-13, and XT2097-14.

Moto E6i, Moto E7i Power, and Lenovo K13 Bluetooth certified

The listing also includes the Lenovo K13 bearing model code XT2097-15, suggesting it could be a rebranded E7i Power for the Chinese market.

Bluetooth SIG doesn’t detail these smartphones’ specs, but we expect the E7i Power to pack a battery no smaller than 5,000 mAh.

More details about the Moto E6i, E7i Power, and Lenovo K13 should surface soon.

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