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New TV ad for Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ is all about the cameras

Remember when people went on trips? For fun? Yeah, those were the days. Samsung seems either unaware of the ongoing global pandemic and the measures taken by most Western governments to deal with it by restricting traveling, or wants you to forget about all that and just picture yourself on an epic trip.

That’s the theme of the company’s latest TV ad for the Galaxy S21 and S21+, which just became available in stores today. The main focus (pardon the easy pun) is on the cameras, with 8K video recording being mentioned among many other things.

Curiously though, at one point the ad says there’s plenty of (storage) space for “all of that”, so including 8K videos, which… seems a bit iffy as a claim considering the removal of expandable storage. But we digress. Oh, and the battery life on both phones is apparently enough to last you the whole trip, whatever that means.

Commercials have always strived to be as hyperbolic and over the top as possible, so we’re not taking any of these claims for granted. We are however wondering if ‘normal people’ may. Either way, enjoy the ad in its full one minute glory!

And if you are interested in the Galaxy S21, we have a full in-depth review of it waiting for you to go through. As for the Galaxy S21+, that’s coming too – stay tuned.

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