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ON1 announces Professional Plugin support for Capture One: Digital Photography Review

ON1 has announced that its ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle is now available for Capture One photo editing software. The new Capture One support joins existing plugin support for Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Corel, and Apple Photos.

The ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle includes ON1 Effects 2021, Portrait AI 2021, Resize 2021 and HDR 2021. The four plugins offer photographers numerous editing tools, including one-click presets in Effects, automatic AI-powered portrait retouching with Portrait AI 2021 and much more.

A sample of the various filters and styles available in ON1 Effects 2021. Image credit: ON1

‘We are very excited to bring the ON1 Professional Plugins to the Capture One workflow,’ says Craig Keudell, President of ON1. ‘There are many diverse workflows and photographers are always looking for ways to make them faster, add more capabilities, or produce better results,’ continues Keudell, ‘This is what ON1 plugins are designed to do at an integration level other editing plugins don’t offer.’

ON1 Effects is ON1’s most popular creative plugin. It includes more than 30 filters, which can be stacked and blended to create a distinct visual identity for your photos. The built-in effects, filters, LUTs and presets are all curated by professional photographers and ‘allow photographers to instantly style any photo and create any look in just a few clicks.’

The primary features of ON1 Effects 2021 includes photo effects, an AI Quick Mask tool, masking brushes, luminosity masks and more. Click to enlarge. Image credit: ON1

By using ON1 Effects 2021 within Capture One, you can utilize AI masking, local adjustments, and stackable filters. These tools go further than the built-in masking tools offered in Capture One. ON1 Effects also offers additional creative tools beyond what’s included in Capture One, such as borders, glows, blurs, dynamic contrast, textures, sunshine, lens flares and weather effects.

ON1 Portrait AI automatically identifies and retouches each face in your image. Image credit: ON1

ON1 Portrait AI 2021 features new ON1 technology, including the utilization of artificial intelligence to simplify the portrait retouching process. ON1 Portrait AI takes advantage of machine learning to analyze an image, identify all the faces, and automatically retouch everyone’s skin, eyes, and mouth in the shot. Per ON1, using Portrait AI, ‘you can easily retouch an entire shoot automatically.’ In addition to automatic retouching tools, Portrait AI offers ways to manually fine-tune portraits, including tools to smooth skin, reduce skin shine, whiten eyes and teeth, and much more.

You can use ON1 Portrait AI 2021 to remove blemishes, enhance eyes and teeth, and improve face shape and lighting. Image credit: ON1

Built upon ON1’s Genuine Fractals technology, ON1 Resize 2021 is an enlargement and print preparation tool. This plugin allows you to resize photos quickly and easily while preserving sharpness and detail. Patented fractal-based interpolation algorithms are used to enlarge photos by up to 1,000%. Resize 2021 also includes a gallery wrap feature for creating margins to make canvas prints, soft proofing features and tools to layout multiple photos on a single piece of paper.

ON1 Resize 2021 is built upon ON1’s Genuine Fractals technology. Click to enlarge. Image credit: ON1

Rounding out the bundle of plugins is ON1 HDR 2021. The plugin promises fast previews, control over aspects of HDR creation including ghosting, and re-editable HDR files. The plugin includes control over tone and color and utilizes a layer-based workflow. ON1 HDR automatically aligns images and removes ghosting, plus ON1 says it’s up to 7x faster than competing HDR apps. Users can use HDR 2021 to bring out shadow and highlight detail in a single image as well.

ON1 HDR 2021 promises fast speed and good results. Image credit: ON1

The ON1 Professional Plugins for Capture One are available now. You can purchase individual plugins for $69.99 each. For users who want two or more plugins, you can purchase all four in a bundle for $99.99. 14-day free trials for each plugin are available as well. You can learn more by visiting ON1.

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