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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei launches new company tomorrow

After leaving OnePlus in October, co-founder Carl Pei moved on to a new venture – exactly what will be revealed tomorrow. His new company is headquartered in London, so the announcement will start at 11 am UK time (which matches UTC time right now).

The new company is working on consumer electronics, a market Pei knows well. The focus will be on music gadgets – headphones and more, but again the details are kept tightly under wraps. We don’t even know what the new company will be called yet.

Carl Pei: “The fresh smell of limitless potential”, posted on Instagram two weeks ago

We do know that it received $7 million in seed funding from some high profile investors (including Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod).

Why did Pei feel the need to start a new company when OnePlus is already making headphones (in fact, he was part of the team that created Bullets)? In an interview with Wired he said that “by turning a blank page, I can be a lot more creative with what I choose to spend my time on”.


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