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Oppo confirms Find X3 arrival in March

Renders of the Oppo Find X3 Pro leaked just a few hours ago, and the company realized the new flagship series is not a secret anymore. That’s why the official account on Weibo posted a somewhat mysterious message, but still pretty obvious what is going on – the Oppo Find X3 series will arrive in March 2021.

The message said, “See the #ImpossibleSurface in March.” While this machine-translated line took some adaptation from our side, it is clear Oppo is really going to have a weird camera bump that rises out of the back gradually, instead of being a simple island protruding from the panel.

The latest leak on the Find X3 Pro revealed there might not be a periscope lens (which had its issues with the implementation back in the Find X2 Pro), but finally, it will come with wireless charging, something the current flagship misses dearly.

The company is also sticking to its decision to go with a vegan leather option that looks different from a glass back but does a great job of not being a fingerprint magnet.

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