Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has created a mounting system that allows him to insert his Canon EOS R into the backend of a large format movie projector lens — a rig he used to shoot a series of skater portraits in Santa Monica.

The lens was in Morgan’s storage unit for a while and says he’d always wanted to convert it to shoot stills with a modern camera. So, he built a wooden construction that allows the camera to slot into the rear of the lens and shift backwards and forwards to focus.

He says the lens is an IMAX projector lens made by Iwerks Entertainment, a company that created, and still creates, similar large scale visual effects for theme parks and experiences that rival IMAX.

The lens would have originally been used to project large format film such as 15 perf/70mm that uses an image area 10x larger than the standard 35mm format. The Iwerks system, like the IMAX system, is designed to create massive images with extremely detailed, life-like, resolution.

Morgan admits his wooden set-up is ‘very, very gorilla,’ but with some tape to cover the slightly open marriage between the camera and rear of the lens he has managed to keep it light-tight. He isn’t sure the mount keeps the lens square to the camera’s sensor, but likes the tilt effect that emphasises the shallow depth-of-field effect in the pictures.

To read more about how he did it see Morgan’s The Slanted Lens website.