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NIERBO 180 inch Metal Projector Screen Ambient Light Rejecting 2.4 Gain 3D Movies Screen 16:9 for Home Theater

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Product Description

If you have a 3D projector, but you lack a projector screen, then you are missing out something very important, and you are seriously wasting a great machine. Even if you have a purely white wall, some imperfections are apparent. Do you wish to get quality 3D movie screen? Well, here is the best screen for projector which is affordable and perfectly fitting your budget with amazing features.

projector screenprojector screen

White Screen vs Silver Screen

* White screen has high reducibility to picture color in dark light environment, with the best performance of brightness and contrast, the brightness is slightly higher than the grey screen. However, in the light environment, the surface of the white screen will be disturbed by ambient light. Reduce picture contrast and color saturation. Therefore, a white screen is usually used in movie theaters with independently controllable light sources.

* The advantage of the silver screen is that it has anti-light performance, can resist and reduce the interference of ambient light on the screen, improve the contrast and color saturation of the picture, and obtain a comfortable picture effect. So in the light environment, the screen can still show a high contrast and color saturation picture. In the dark light environment, the black level can be improved, making the screen more three-dimensional. Compare to the white screen, the gray screen will be suitable for more viewing scenes, but the brightness will be slightly lower than the white screen. (So some customers will mind that our metal screen picture is not bright enough)

Buying advice

* If you have an independent environment of dark light controllable, the white material is your best choice.

* If you are installing in a light environment such as a living room, a meeting room, a classroom, etc., it is highly recommended that you purchase our Ambient Light Rejecting Screen. That will be an option you will never regret.


PVC material with reflective metal coating

The soft PVC material with our special metal powder and cementing compound makes the screen non-discoloring and anti-static. Moreover, the coating will not shed as ordinary material so it can be folded, which makes the screen very portable.


Great for watching passive 3D movies

Because of 3D technology, the passive 3D glasses will greatly lessen the brightness of the film. This silver screen with its reflective metal coating will improve the brightness greatly, thus you could enjoy the nice 3D movie ever.

highest gainhighest gain

Screen with the highest gain 2.4 in the market

You may not need to get a high lumen projector, its image is still clear,bright with a great color reduction.

textured side/ front sidetextured side/ front side

The textured side faces the audience and the projector

The optical texture and high gain could decrease the parasitic light caused by diffuse reflection. Thus choosing the right projection screen could bring you unbelievable viewing experience.

Tip: The side of the screen to be used for projection is the little dull mate finish surface. And the very shiny smooth face should be in back.



highest gainhighest gain

textured side/ front sidetextured side/ front side

Why metal sliver screen so expensive ?

Our metal screen uses the best metal-coated PVC material, and the texture and workmanship of the product are superior. This is a high-end screen, because of its special metal molecular honeycomb array, it has super contrast and anti-interference ability, brighter colors.

This metal screen is characterized by good flatness, not easy to damage, long service life, large gain -2.1 Gain, especially when displaying dynamic video or pictures, a strong sense of layering and depth Makes the image vivid and vivid, especially suitable for film, 3D animation, and game display.

In addition to the problem of creases in our screen (because the metal-coated PVC material is soft and packaging and transportation reasons, this is unavoidable, but those can be removed), everything else is perfect.

PLEASE: Our silver screen has creases. I hope you can accept the crease problem . Thank you, we reject any bad comments about creases

In fact, most customers have misunderstandings on the screens. They think the brighter the screen, the better the quality.


This is actually a serious cognitive error.

The quality of the screen does not depend on the brightness of the picture but depends on the restoration of picture colors

Under normal indoor lighting, the color reproduction of our metal screen can reach the cinema level effect, and Soft brightness for screen (The sound light makes eyes comfortable),the eyesight will not feel tired when you watch long time.


Highly Durable and Friendly Service

When you purchase NIEBRO indoor outdoor movie screen, be sure to enjoy benefit of clarity and proper image viewing. Are you interested in this movie screen?I believe you will get a wrinkle-free beautiful amazing silver screen like our other customers too!

If you want to instruction manual for this metal silver screen,we can provide for you.












2 inch * 40 feet

11.8″ – 19.7″


Realistic images-3D


No crease

Professional Rear

Absorbs Light

Projector Mounts

★ Reflective metal composite optical coating with 2.4 gain. excellent extinction ratio, very suitable for display of polarized 3D projection. Metal material Anti-reflection, anti-static, no radiation, easy to clean the surface, can be directly scrubbed with a soft cloth.
★ Excellent display performance in complex ambient light, delicate optical coating can fully meet the display requirements of 4K 1080P projectors.
★Dimension, 16:9; Viewing area: 390×220 cm / 12.80ft x 7.22ft; The black side is about 5 cm.
★ The vertical and horizontal viewing angles of the screen are wide, the uniformity is over 98%. there is no such phenomenon as solar effect and reflection. Under normal indoor illumination, color reproduction can achieve cinema-level effects, and viewing vision for a long time will not be tired.
★TIP: We have optimized the package recently, 84inch,100 inch Metal Movie Screen Rolling up send to you, it with almost no creases. 120 inch,150 inch,180 inch,200 inch,250 inch Ambient Light Rejecting Movies Screen are folded send to you. Because the size is too large, we just can choose to fold, so creases are really unavoidable(but those can be removed). I am very sorry about that.AND If you want to instruction manual and how to remove creases ,contact

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NIERBO 180 inch Metal Projector Screen Ambient Light Rejecting 2.4 Gain 3D Movies Screen 16:9 for Home Theater

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