Profoto has announced the release of the OCF Adapter, a new adapter that makes it possible to use all of Profoto’s OCF light shaping tools with any of its A-series flash units.

Image credit: Profoto

The OCF Adapter looks similar to many other speedlight to speedring adapters: it has a coldshoe mount for securely attaching a Profoto A-series flash and a mounting point for any of Profoto’s OCF light shaping tools, which the head of the flash fits into. Profoto has over a dozen OCF light shaping tools, including the OCF Magnum Reflector, a 24” OCF Beauty Dish, an array of OCF Grids and plenty of OCF Gel attachments.

The unit isn’t necessarily small (120mm (4.7”) wide, 280mm (11”) tall and 90mm (3.5) deep), but it’s certainly a more compact solution than carrying around a larger monolight when an A-series flash will get the job done with an OCF light shaping tool. Below is a hands-on with the OCF Adapter by Adorama:

Being Profoto, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the OCF Adapter isn’t cheap. The 750g (1.65lb) piece of plastic and metal will set you back $299 (Adorama, B&H). For a little context, Godox/Flashpoint’s Profoto A1 knock-off can be purchased, with accessories, for $229 (Godox at B&H, Flashpoint at Adorama).