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Realme CEO teases next X-series phone

Realme is expected to launch its new flagship phone, powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset – the phone codenamed Realme Race. That one will form an entirely new series, but it looks like it will have the traditional X series keeping it company though, as a new member of that lineup is on the way.

The CEO of Realme in Europe in India has posted on his own Twitter a short teaser, saying “X is the future” and people should be “Xcited”.

We already know the new Realme X is going to be different than the Realme Race. Last year year, the Realme X7 series were powered by Mediatek chipsets so we wonder if the upcoming X9 will keep that trend and take advantage of the chips the Taiwanese maker will announce tomorrow. If that’s indeed the case we should be hearing more about it from Realme once Mediatek unveils the new Dimensity chips.


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