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Samsung expects Galaxy S21’s total shipments to match Galaxy S20

The initial demand for the Galaxy S21 lineup in may be higher than that for the Galaxy S20, but Samsung isn’t getting carried away. The Korean company expects to ship 26 million units of the new phones – exactly the same amount as last year’s Galaxy S20.

Sources say that despite the fact the S21 is a more attractive lineup than its predecessor, people won’t be able to visit offline stores as much, affecting sales in general. At the same time, Samsung underestimated demand for Ultra, causing a shortage in supply and missing on some sales.

Out of all 26 million units, 10 million are expected to be of the vanilla Galaxy S21, 8 million to be Galaxy S21+, and the other 8 million – Galaxy S21 Ultra. Industry insiders revealed components orders have already been sent to factories, although there’s always the possibility of adjusting the quantities down the road.


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