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Slideshow: Winners of the 2021 Portraits of Humanity competition: Digital Photography Review

© Paolo Barretta / Portrait of Humanity

Artist Statement: I never faced something like a pandemic. It’s been hard to stop completely our life in order to stay safe. This is my best friend and his boyfriend after three months of distance because of the quarantine.

There are so many reasons why I consider this picture so important to me. It’s not just portraying someone’s kissing. This is the story of people who fight, people who resist, people who stay together against this crazy world. Covid-19 supposed to bring people together, but it has shown me how mean and indifferent we can be to each other.

War, diseases, racism, homophobia, all the things that are actually breaking us in thousand pieces. And I am scared, because my dreams are not equal to this world. Or maybe the world is not equal to my dreams anymore. I don’t want to live in a world like this. I want to fight, I want to love, I want to change people, I want to dream, I want to laugh, I want the sun to come back.

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