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Some versions of Capture One are now more expensive: Digital Photography Review

A rumored price increase to selected versions of Capture One software has officially taken effect. As of today, January 11, branded (Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony) versions of Capture One software are more expensive for new purchases, subscriptions and upgrades.

A new perpetual license for Capture One for Fujifilm, Capture One for Nikon and Capture One (for Sony) will now cost customers $199 USD (€209, £199). Prior to the January 11 price increase, a new perpetual license for these branded versions of Capture One cost $129. Upgrade pricing has also been adjusted. Previously, a perpetual license upgrade from an older version also cost $129, although it now costs $149 (€169, £149).

As of January 11, 2021, these are the prices for Capture One products. As you can see, Capture One (for Sony), Capture One for Fujifilm and Capture One for Nikon now start at $14/month in a subscription model (or $149 for an annual subscription, which is slightly less in total) and $199 for new perpetual licenses. The branded versions, along with the price increase, now include a pair of seats, whereas they previously included only a single seat. Click to enlarge.

Subscription prices are now higher as well for branded versions of Capture One. Existing ongoing subscriptions will retain the pricing scheme agreed to at the time of purchase, but any new subscriptions will have a higher cost for users. An annual prepaid subscription for Capture One for Fujifilm, Nikon or Sony is $149, which comes to about $12.50 per month, although it is billed all at once. An annual subscription paid monthly is $14 (€18, £14), an increase from the previous $9.99/month starting price. You can also pay on a month-by-month subscription basis, which is $19 (€23, £19) per month, for as long as you wish to keep your subscription active.

Current subscription pricing for Capture One. The branded versions now start at $14/month, whereas they were previously $9.99/month. Click to enlarge.

Although a price increase is never an easy pill to swallow, it is worth noting that previously, Capture One for Fujifilm/Nikon/Sony came with a single seat. Alongside the higher price point, users will receive a second seat.

Capture One for Fujifilm pricing is shown here, although pricing is identical for Capture One for Nikon and Capture One (for Sony). If you want to pay for an annual subscription up front, you can do so for $149, which comes out to just under $12.50/month. Click to enlarge.

Further, Capture One Pro is still $299 for a new perpetual license with upgrades starting at $199. Subscription plans for Capture One Pro start at $19/month. These prices have not been changed.

When we contacted Capture One to inquire about the price change, Capture One reiterated that ‘Existing subscription plans will not be affected by these changes.’ Further, ‘Those with Pro and/or a subscription will see no change reflected in their costs.’ The price change applies only to new purchases of a perpetual license, upgrade or new subscription for Capture One branded versions.

To learn more about Capture One 21, which was released last month, read our coverage of the original announcement. If you’d like to try Capture One 21, a 30-day trial is available for download.

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