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The iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly shrink the notch, TouchID could be making a comeback

Apple has redesigned the cameras of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro duo – on the front, the notch will be narrower (not shorter), on the back, the camera bump is also getting a new look. This is according to EverythingApplePro and Max Winebach. EAP tapped ConceptCreator to help with 3D modeling the alleged new design.

The rear camera will still have multiple elevations, that is each individual lens will stick out of the camera bump. It’s just that it will stick out less than on the 12-series. Image stabilization will be upgraded with a feature that tries to keep the subject in the center of the shot.

Apple reportedly put in a lot of work into improving the Portrait mode by using data from the LiDAR for a cleaner separation between subject and background. Portrait mode will be available for videos as well

The Space Gray color will be reformulated, making it darker (near black) and giving it a matte finish. According to Winebach, Apple is testing out a new Orange color, but it likely won’t be available at launch (if ever).

The leakster has some good news for the few fans of the iPhone mini – there is a new model coming this year.

iPhones aside, new products are expected in three categories: tablets, wearables and accessories (the oft-delayed AirTags). The wearable category isn’t getting anything too exciting, just Apple’s usual seasonal watch bands. The iPad Pros will be the most interesting launch of the three.

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