I suppose it must be a bit annoying to listen to English speakers ruining your language and heritage by making up their own way of pronouncing the names of companies and products from your native country – let alone place names. But it is so common-place that some foreign speakers use English pronunciations of their own words when addressing an English speaking audience.

German Maximillian Heinrich from Analog Insights was pulled up recently by a Mitdeutscher in comments on YouTube for exactly that – pronouncing the names of German photographic manufacturers using the English speaking corruptions instead of the way the names are said by Germans. So he has made an instructional video to help correct his own unpatriotic slip as well as to educate the rest of the world how these names should be pronounced.

Germany may not be the grand camera-manufacturing base it once was, but the legacy of its former greatness still has a significant presence in the lens market. German companies still make a lot of first class lenses, and the brand names of many others are used on lenses with some link to those original companies whether it is based on famous designs or ‘approved-by’ historic firms. And many lens designs and designations come from German optical designers.

In the video Heinrich covers camera brands and lens names, as well as companies that make film and chemistry, but I’m sure you can suggest a few he may have forgotten.