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Virtoo is a Your Phone alternative for LG laptops that supports any Android or iOS phone

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is cool, but running Android apps on your computer only works with Samsung phones (and the Surface Duo). If you have an LG laptop you can use the Virtoo app to achieve a similar effect.

Note that the requirement here is an LG laptop, you can use the app with any Android device and even iPhones (there’s a “but” coming). Here are download links for Virtoo for Windows, Android and iOS.

It looks like you can run only one app at a time (unlike Your Phone). Basically, Virtoo mirrors your phone’s screen. And here is the “but” – this is available only with Android devices, iOS only supports the other features of the app.

And those are forwarding notifications from your phone to your computer as well as making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS on the computer.

Virtoo can sync contacts to your laptop
Virtoo can handle calls
Virtoo can handle messages

Virtoo can sync contacts to your laptop, handle calls and messages

By the way, LG only branded the app, the actual software is developed by Screenovate Technologies, which has very similar apps for Dell and Alienware computers (Android versions here, iOS here).


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