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ZTE brings Yellow Axon 20 5G to the global stage, pre-orders begin on January 7

ZTE introduced the Axon20 5G in September claiming the tile of the world’s first commercially available smartphone with a front-facing camera under the display. Later on it followed it up with an Extreme edition in China and it’s now delivering that in global markets under the name Sunset Yellow.

The company will start gathering pre-orders on its global website starting January 7, and the phone will cost €449/£419/$449.

The Sunrise Yellow Axon 20 5G brings a more exquisite feeling, compared to the regular Black panel. It is made of vegan leather and is friendly to the skin, adds more grip, more durability, and reduces the odds of the back picking up tiny scratches and fingerprints. Beyond the new color and finish though, it’s the exact same phone on the inside.

This means you get a large 6.92” OLED with no cuts, notches, or holes. The 32MP selfie camera is hidden under the actual display, while the quad combo on the back brings a 64 MP main cam + 8 MP ultra-wide-angle + 2 MP depth + 2 MP portrait solution.

ZTE brings Yellow Axon 20 5G on the global stage, pre-orders begin on January 7

Starting today, users can participate in a quiz on the ZTE home page and win a $20/€20/£20 coupon for the Axon 20 5G’s launch on Thursday.


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